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EVOKE: Creativity offers enrichment classes and workshops led by qualified, experienced teachers for homeschooled, private, and public school children.

EVOKE: Creativity has a mission: To enlighten young people to new hobbies and interests, develop confidence and resilience, support academics, and instill in all students an excitement about lifelong learning.

EVOKE: Creativity is an LLC founded and led by a certified (1-6), licensed (M.Ed.), and experienced educator who has spent time in suburban and urban districts throughout NY & MA. It is not a school, but a complement to your child's growth and education. 

Programming takes place at EVOKE: Creativity 's location in Marcellus, NY or at nearby partnering venues. Local artists and teachers also provide workshops out of this space for learners of all ages. You can learn more about these opportunities under "Visitor Workshops".

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