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EVOKE: Creativity offers enrichment classes and workshops led by a qualified, experienced teacher for homeschooled, private, and public school children.

EVOKE: Creativity has a mission: To produce programming where young people discover and refine creative outlets, develop confidence and resilience, meaningfully apply academics, and embrace an excitement about lifelong learning. 

EVOKE: Creativity is an LLC founded and led by a certified (1-6), licensed (M.Ed.), and experienced educator who has spent time in suburban and urban districts throughout NY & MA. It is not a school, but a complement to your child's growth and education. 

Programming takes place at EVOKE: Creativity 's location in Marcellus, NY or at nearby partnering venues. Local artists and teachers also provide workshops out of this space for learners of all ages. 

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EVOKE: Creativity LLC is owned by a certified and experienced educator with a masters in Elementary Education and Creative Arts in Learning (M.Ed.)

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"Chelsea is invested in the educational, social, and emotional growth of children, and worked tirelessly to help them improve every day.

She is a committed educator

in every sense of the word."

- Dennis Shaw, Principal

West Intermediate School



There are well-documented benefits of learning experiences that are differentiated, arts-integrated, and project-based.


Studies show that students are more likely to gain greater understanding and pleasure from learning when they transform it into creative thoughts and products.  







ask "why?" and ask it often. lean in. lead with a desire to discover.

allow yourself to be inspired. teaching should encourage wonder. 

transcend traditional ideas to create meaningful new ones.

treat problems as possibilities. find your process. allow things to evolve.


acknowledge where you're at. value integrity.

experience has worth. walk the walk. take yourself seriously.

teachers are learners first. seek guidance when needed.

continue learning. be supportive. 

"how" is more important than "when" 

1. Dr. David A. Sousa, How the Brain Learns: 5th Edition
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