Santa Claus is coming to Marcellus, NY!


December 19, 2020

12 - 2 pm

Where: Outside EVOKE: Creativity's Learner's Lounge located at 8 West Main St in Marcellus, NY


Parking: There is limited parking on Main Street. If you can't find parking, park at Marcellus Park and enjoy the walk over!

What You'll Do: Families are welcome to come up to the window and meet with Santa! Bring a sign, make one here, or just say "Hi!" and give a wave! (There will also be an intercom system setup so that kids can talk to Santa.)


There may be more than one family outside  at a time, so please wear a mask to help keep everyone safe and healthy!

Make an afternoon of it!

Come say, "Hi!" to Santa! at EVOKE: Creativity's Learner's Lounge

Grab some hot chocolate at The Forum or a slice of pizza at Papa's Express next door 

Visit the big, beautiful Marcellus Park across the street  

Santa will be in the window!

Come say, "Hi!"

to Santa!


EVOKE: Creativity's Learner's Lounge

Marcellus, NY: 8 West Main Street

12 - 2 pm on December 19, 2020

Santa will be in the window

Bring a sign or make one here!

A teacher will be there to help your child write a message or draw a picture for Santa :)