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EVOKE: Creativity

EVOKE Creativity LLC provides educational services and enrichment opportunities for lifelong learners and artists. Enrichment opportunities include "Get Creative!" Series, Workshops, and Kids Programs, as well as special workshops or class series, and
Alongside: Artists' Mentors.


EVOKE: Creativity offers opportunities for people of all ages in the CNY community to: 1) learn with and about the creative arts, as well as 2) participate in creative outlets for expression, exploration, and artistry. 


EVOKE: Creativity's "Get Creative!" Kids Programs support student's development of academic skills and creativity by providing satellite enrichment services for students in nearby districts. The goal is to provide opportunities for learning that are robust, foster creativity as a tool, and help learners develop the tools necessary for lifelong learning. Standards outlined by the Education Department are woven into EVOKE: Creativity's "Get Creative!" Kids Programs. These standards are what the general public body of students are expected to learn in school Especially due to distance-learning, gaps have the capacity to estrange students more. Why not include age-band standards for "Get Creative!" Projects and Crews offered to school-age children as a way to support students in filling these gaps and inviting further inquiry?


EVOKE: Creativity LLC is currently a single owner LLC with the intention of growing into a larger educational, creative arts organization. The Department of State approved the company's Articles of Organization on July 1, 2020.

Meet the Founder:


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Chelsea Lembo

Chelsea Lembo (she/her), is an experienced educator with a Professional Teaching License (Elementary 1-6) issued from Massachusetts and an Initial Teaching License (Childhood Education Grades 1-6) issued in New York. Ms. Lembo holds an M.Ed in Elementary Education and Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. The degree was granted to designate the passing of a dual master's program that 1) led to licensure in Elementary Education and 2) illuminated strategies to effectively integrate the creative arts into curriculum as a way to dignify multicultural perspectives and deepen understanding gained from learning experiences. The program included two seminars- one led by Dr. Aziza Braithwaite Bey, Ph.D in Multicultural Education, and a the other led by Ms. Lembo's practicum supervisor, Dr. Nancy Roberts, Ed.D and professor emerita. Dr. Roberts had an early affiliation with Say Yes To Education here in Syracuse. Ms. Lembo's teaching practicum in the spring semester of 2011 took place at the Baldwin School in Cambridge, MA, where Ms. Lembo had accepted a position as a full year intern in the fall of 2010. Ms. Lembo had two teacher mentors, Benny Wilson and Megan Butler. Both taught 4th grade and worked as a team with school support staff- academic coaches, special educators, school psychologists- to meet the needs of a diverse classroom. 


After graduating from Lesley University, Ms. Lembo was offered a position as a 5th Grade Classroom Teacher at the West Intermediate School in Wilmington, MA  where she taught from 2011- 2017. She was an inclusion tacher, meaning she both planned and taught all Grade 5 curriculum while working as a team with school support staff to meet the needs of students on IEPs. She acted as the district’s Lead Science Teacher of the Elementary Schools for two years and was a contributing member of the CDSM Curriculum Mapping Initiative, a multi-district initiative formed to create and provide (open) resources for teachers as they transitioned curriculum to meet the Next Generation Science Standards. She also worked on a team to create and produce the district-wide STEM Fair, publicly discussed district initiatives on WCTV, and was granted opportunities for professional development with: SRI: School Reform Initiative, Jay McTighe and Associate’s UbD Workshops, and Bill Atwood. Ms. Lembo moved back to CNY in 2017, where she was part of the education department of a non-profit for three years-- first writing curriculum and then overseeing in-house education programming.

In addition to her role as an Elementary School Teacher and enrichment coordinator, Ms. Lembo is also an experienced 

Drama Instructor and performance artist, with a degree in Theater Studies and minor in Dance from Emerson College in Boston, MA. She has taught on behalf of Gifford Family Theater and Redhouse Arts Center here in Syracuse, NY,  as well as Cambridge Performance Project in Cambridge, MA, SMARTS Collaborative in Attleboro, MA, and also Beyond the Fourth Wall Theater and Creative Arts Studio in Cambridge, MA. Some work was meant strictly for family and friends, while other pieces were performed out in the community at events like the Cambridge River Festival. 


Ms. Lembo is an active member of the CNY theater community and is a SALT Award Winner (Best Actress, Best Ensemble) among multiple nominations for her work. She trains young actors as part of "Get Creative!" Coaching.

She is now the Founder, Lead Teacher, and Creative Director of EVOKE: Creativity LLC.

EVOKE's studio Location

8 W Main Street in Marcellus NY


  • SMART Board and traditional whiteboards

  • Two Blue Air AHAM Verified HEPASilent air filtration units that catch particles as small as .1 micron and filter all the air in a room every 12 minutes

  • Accessible entrance, interior, and bathroom 

  • Two large, separate rooms- plenty of space for social distancing

  • Large windows, abundant sunlight

  • A small library of high-interest non-fiction texts, chapter books, picture books, and graphic novels

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