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Get Creative!
Homeschool Programming

EVOKE: Creativity is offering daytime educational
enrichment programming for homeschool students in fall 2021!

Space is limited: 8 kids maximum

Learn more and register below!

Tuesdays: Crafting and STEAM Crew: Homeschool Mashup

Engineering, Math, Science, Art

The design/engineering process and creative process go hand in hand. In this class, kids will investigate and learn about STEM topics before turning their learning into engaging projects to share and take home. Each month will feature a different theme and “Get Creative!” Project- see below. With a grasp on using tools safely, basic engineering techniques, and more, kids can bring the fun home with them when they realize that with everyday materials to bring their imaginations to life.


“Get Creative!” Projects:
Oct 5, 12, 19, 26: Goop, Glow, & Geek Out: Basic Chemistry and Circuitry Investigations
Nov 2, 9, 16: Puzzle Problems and DIY Escape Room: Develop & Design Your Own Clues, Tasks, and Puzzles
Nov 30, Dec 7, 14: Automata and Classic Toys: Engineer and Build With Simple Machines

9:30 am- 12 pm Ages 7-11

Cost: $275 + $40 materials fee*

*Creator’s Kit to take home [cardboard construction kit, a Cool-Tool and glue sticks, pencils/markers, Biography of Ideas] and other consumables for investigations and activities


Thursdays: Drama and Questing Crews: Homeschool Mashup

Storytelling, Literacy Skills, Performing Arts

In this special mashup of two of EVOKE: Creativity’s favorite “Get Creative!” Crews, kids will explore theater arts and storytelling through drama games, table-top role playing, character creation, and more. If your child enjoys making up stories, acting out characters, or simply has a flair for the dramatic arts, this special class is for them. Woven into the fun are opportunities for students to expand on their vocabulary, ask probing questions about the stories they read and tell, practice the art of acting and improvising, and learn to work together to have fun and save the day!

Each day, we will play drama games to build confidence in improvisation, acting out characters, and telling stories with theater before gathering around to create a story together in true table-top role playing fashion. While “Questing”, kids will embark on an adventure, meet new friends along the way, and solve problems- all while using their imaginations and dramatic arts to bring the story to life. For the last part of each day, participants will work on the “Get Creative!” Project of the month- listed below. Each “Get Creative!” Project is connected to their adventure, role-playing, and character building.


“Get Creative!” Projects:

Oct 7, 14, 21, 28: Mask Design and Creation

Nov 4, 11, 18: Comic Strips and Wax Museum

Dec 2, 9, 16: Short Plays and Performance


9:30 am- 12 pm Ages 7-11
Cost: $275 + $40 materials fee*

*for mask making materials [clay, glue, foil, saran wrap, paint, etc..]- general consumables, and Adventure Journals to bring home

To register, please contact Chelsea Lembo by

email: learnmore@evoke-creativity.com

text/call: 315-367-2530

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the difference between these two programs? 

Tuesday's STEAM/Crafting group will be very hands-on and maker based, with a focus on basic engineering skills, math, science, and arts-integration.

Thursday's Drama/Questing Crew will incorporate more literacy skills like character development, storytelling, and writing while weaving in important improvisational and collaboration skills with theater/improv games and table-top RPG storytelling. Essentially, the kids will create and develop characters, work collaboratively to create a story (through improvisational theater games and table-top RPG storytelling), and then write and tell part of that story in a final performance. I intend to weave content-area knowledge into the experience by choosing the setting of this story.

How do you meet the needs of a range of ages and ability levels? 

Each program is designed for a mixed-aged group (7-11), an age band informed by educational research. This means there's going to be a diversity of background knowledge, experience, behavioral supports needed, and skill level. Mixed aged classes require a high level of differentiation- so there will be something for kids at each level to be successful with. It requires a lot of planning, and it's worth it- it's a great experience for the kids to acknowledge that we're all working at a pace that's "just right challenging" for us. Many families ask how I differentiate, so I wanted to provide an anecdote from this week as a way to showcase how this level of differentiation works. For instance: During one of summer 2021's "Get Creative!" Crews- "Drama Crew"- our focus was radio theater. We talked about the golden age of radio and how it's affects on theater. Then we practiced listening and articulation skills with warm ups/games that required the group to listen and work together in creating soundscapes and telling stories with inflection (fluency practice!). While we ate snack, we completed a Mad Lib together as a way to review word types. The younger campers in the 1st-2nd grade range were asked to give most of the nouns/specific objects/verbs and adjectives here and there as a challenge. For those in the 3rd-4th grade range, their challenge was providing adjectives/nouns/verbs (both past and present) while those in the 5th-6th grade range supplied all of the above, plus adverbs. (This is all informed by NYS literacy standards!). This was a way of scaffolding the next part of our day, where we listened to radio theater and talked about what elements made it unique, what set the tone/environment for the story and how we might recreate it. We then completed a Mad Lib activity together again, this time the words were meant to fill in the radio play script they would record later! Because I knew all the kids ahead of time, I was able to write them each a part I knew was something that would take some effort, but that they could accomplish and be proud of. (This is the benefit of signing up for a class that spans the entire fall- it gives me an opportunity to learn about your child and design instruction to meet their needs). The older group was also "assistant director" and added input about fluency with support, it was really sweet to watch. The little ones practiced their sight words and had words they'd need to sound out in their lines, the middle group learned some new vocab, as did the older kids- though they had the extra challenge of inflection (they were in charge of setting the tone!) as well as performing multiple characters. Then we recorded it, and even added soundscapes/sound effects. It was a lot of fun, the kids accomplished something special, and they practiced their reading skills & learned something, too. In a nutshell, this is how programs are differentiated here at EVOKE.

Will you continue to have COVID precautions in place moving into the fall? 

Yes. The expectations is that we will continue to wear masks inside the studio for the time being. EVOKE is keeping a close eye on professional recommendations for COVID precautions in schools and childcare environments. The studio is equipped with two Blue Air AHAM Verified HEPASilent air filtration units that catch particles as small as .1 micron and filter all the air in a room every 12 minutes. We will also do a temperature check, provide hand sanitizer, and seat students at least 3ft apart for investigations and activities. We will take mask breaks and have access to a small outdoor patio, where kids will be permitted to remove their masks depending on their/their parent's comfort level.

To register, please contact Chelsea Lembo by

email: learnmore@evoke-creativity.com

text/call: 315-367-2530

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