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EVOKE: Creativity's "Get Creative!" Programming inspires creativity and progress with tailored learning support and enrichment.


Get Creative! Coaching

One- to- One School Support and Skill Building:

Focus is on skill development in areas such as academics, self-awareness, self-discipline, independent learning skills, organizational skills, and any specific skills unique to the child's learning needs.

"Get Creative!" Coaching examples:

  • Practice developing remote- learning skills, independent learning skills, organizational skills, and self-discipline through use of behavior chart/checklist system to promote positive reinforcement and an up-beat, encouraging guide with clear expectations. 

  • Reading/Language Arts skill development via interactive games and related literature, high interest reading material, text related to current events.


30 Minute Consultation - $25

Each hour of "Get Creative!" Coaching- $35

For you: 

Peace of mind knowing your child is receiving support from a licensed & experienced educator,
frequent updates on progress

For your learner:

 Development of skills and useful habits,

support in learning the way they learn