The Big Blue Box 'Cache

A series of traditional caches located around Marcellus Park in the form of blue boxes, each of which contains a clue to a secret, hidden mega cache with a whole lot of bonus swag!

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This series of traditional caches was planted by EVOKE: Creativity's "Get Creative!" 'Caching Crew, a summer partnership program with Marcellus Parks and Rec in August of 2021. Young geocachers ages 6-12 devised clues and hid these caches. Can you find them all and decode the final clue that will lead you to the grand prize, the "Big Blue Box"?

The first cache can be found at the "Trailhead" icon on the map of the lower park provided on this page. You are looking for 6 " x 8" blue, plastic bins. Each bin contains small trade items, a log, a set of stickers, and a clue to the final cache. 

Please bring something to leave if you'd like to trade! And make sure to sign the logbook at each so kids can see how many people have found their caches! 

Boxes are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8. There are no boxes labeled 5 & 6.

See hints to the whereabouts of each cache below. A PDF of the recording sheet provided as well- feel free to print it off and bring it with you!

Each hint will lead you to a cache- a plastic, blue box- with a number on top. Each of these caches will have a clue inside. Decode the clues in each cache and find the secret mega cache: The Big Blue Box! (Each cache contains a stamp. Stamp it in the table below when you find it to record your find!)



The "Big Blue Box" Cache Hints:

HINT to FIND  CACHE #1: 42°58'43.5"N 76°20'12.6"W

Begin at the trailhead on the path of blue.

Between trees, two.

The tree ahead. SEVEAL DAEHA.

Look below. Leaves do grow.

HINT to FIND CACHES #2, 7, & 8: 42°58'41.1"N 76°20'10.9"W

All three located nearby one another.

Walk south from #1. Down a little hill with rocks near a hollow tree.

Look around the base (#2) then down the “hill” and you will see (#7 and #8).

HINT to FIND CACHE #3: 42°58'39.8"N 76°20'10.8"W

Near the beach bench by the bridge. 

In a hole between rocks.

HINT to FIND CACHE #4: 42°58'31.1"N 76°20'13.4"W

Over the concrete channel by the weeds on the side of the fishing bridge.

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