Afterschool Fall 2021

On Mondays - Fridays during the school year from 3:20 - 5:15 PM, EVOKE: Creativity offers a unique afterschool program for kids and tweens. Programming takes plays on-site at 8 West Main Street, Marcellus, NY.


This fall's "Get Creative!" Afterschool Program is back and even better and before. Featuring parallel programming, kids ages 6-8 & tweens 9-12 have will take on "Get Creative!" Projects that are engaging at their level.


Special guests and sometimes partnerships with local

STEAM/arts organizations will further enrich this program!

1-2 Days/Week: $20/day

3 +  Days/Week: $18/day

Sibling Discount: 25% off 2nd Child


Fall Registrants Must Commit Through Dec 2021: Billed Monthly.

Follows the Marcellus Central School's calendar.

Marcellus Central School busses drop off at front door.

More detailed program schedule coming soon.

Registration is done by day of the week. Each day a different "Get Creative!" CREW is offered and each Crew works toward a special "Get Creative!" Project throughout the course of the semester.

Committing to a specific weekly schedule also helps maintain a routine and keeps transportation consistent.


You can register your child for one or more days each week. You will not be billed for Afterschool on any day recognized as a full or half day off on the district calendar. EVOKE: Creativity offers half and full day programs on these occasions in the form of "Get Creative!" Popup Projects, and families receive priority registration for these programs.

Small group sizes with COVID Safety precautions remain in place and will follow school district guidelines for fall 2021.

"Get Creative!" Afterschool Daily Outline:

Around 3:20 PM: Bus Drop-off

3:20-3:30 PM: Snack Break

3:30- 3:45- Crew Meetup (Greeting, check-in, group building game)

3:45- 4:45 PM: "Get Creative!" Crew Activities

4:45 - 5:15 PM: Pickup Window: Schoolwork and other quiet, academic activities.

* Licensed and Experienced Educator On-Site to facilitate homework help and school review.

For further details, or to pre-register, please contact Chelsea Lembo by


text/call: 315-367-2530


  • Two Blue Air AHAM Verified HEPASilent air filtration units that catch
    particles as small as .1 micron and filter all the air in a room every 12 minutes

  • Daily sanitizing of surfaces, upholstery, and learning materials

  • Plenty of space for social distancing

  • Check-in procedure that involves a temperature check and hand sanitizer

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